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The modern 'make do and mend'

By Bill Wilson 
Business reporter, BBC News


Make Do and Mend

13 June - 8 November 2009

'Pink Victorian Plate with Flamingos' © Lou Rota

'Pink Victorian Plate with Flamingos' © Lou Rota

FREE, Front Room Gallery

How can a broken shopping trolley be transformed into a stylish piece of furniture? Anti-waste wartime tips on cutting excessive consumption have an obvious resonance in today's economic climate and the campaign to salvage, recycle, and reduce your carbon footprint is also impacting on design.

Make Do and Mend combines the work of contemporary designers and local schoolchildren. Jon Male, Lou Rota and Max McMurdo rework salvaged domestic and industrial waste to create stylish, quirky new products.

Local schoolchildren working with artists have also produced their own whimsical versions of re-created domestic objects.

A Day of Ethical Fashion at the V&A London

On Sunday 9 November, the V&A will be hosting Conscious Style, a day dedicated to your fashion choices and the principles and practicalities of ethical fashion. 

Bring your chic but unloved fashion items to swap with ones you will love at the Swishing event. Stylists will help you discover your best look and cut and sew reinvention workshops can help you put life back into your clothes. Chaired by fashion writer and broadcaster Caryn Franklin, experts including Katharine E Hamnett and Lucy Siegle debate the future for sustainable fashion. Watch the glamorous eco fashion show presented by Orsola de Castro. Join the style surgery seminars to find out whats eco hot on the high street or how to restyle your wardrobe. A day dedicated to your fashion choices and the principles and practicalities of ethical fashion.

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RE:Fashion Awards


The RE:Fashion Awards will take place on the 13th November 2008, celebrating people and organisations who have taken great strides in tackling poverty, healing the environment and changing consumer attitudes towards ethical fashion.

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India Recycled


24 May 2008 to 25 Jan 2009

Find out how your cast-off clothes and old saris are recycled in northern India through this photographic journey based on recent anthropological fieldwork.

A photographic series based on anthropological fieldwork, which shows the recycling of old cast-off clothes and saris in Northern India.

The exhibition will be held in the Balcony Gallery.

Ethical Fashion Show in Paris


9 October to 12 October 2008

Since its beginingings in 2004, Ethical Fashion Show strives to make ethical fashion known. Ethical fashion is fashion that takes ino account economic, human and environmental dimensions all along the prduction steps of clothes or accessories. 

Ethical Fashion Show® is a different type of trade show, by its ethics and by its positionning. With one edition a year, it is sustainable as you can see both spring/summer and fall/winter collections.