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We have the largest market share in Japan in aluminium melting furnaces for the production of automotive components. We have been early to work on technology development in energy saving, resources saving, labor saving, quality and safety & health, and are ready to provide customer with the state of the art technologies.
We can offer most advanced equipment such as melting, holding, dosing, heat treatment, recycling of machining chip and UBC, in various processes in aluminium foundries.

Materials Melted

We make a proposal of installation being capable of melting/processing various kinds of feedstock with higher production yield.

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Foundry Returns
Machining Chip
Machining Chip
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Melting Process / Various Melting Furnaces

Based on customer's needs, we can offer most suitable melting furnace, such as tower melter (shaft melter), immersion heating melter, reverberatory furnace and/or combination furnace of tower and immersion melters.
Our melting furnaces, in pivotal points, apply high abrasion resistance refractory and the US made high performance refractory castable to which aluminium oxide is less likely to stick, extending the maintenance cycle double or more. We have exclusive distributorship of the said castable in both Japan and Korea.

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Various Melting Furnaces
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Holding Process / Dosing Furnaces & Casting Cell Side Melting & Dosing Furnaces

These furnaces are for holding and dosing of molten metal on the side of casting cell. Self-recuperative gas-fired immersion tube design and high thermally efficient electric heater design (roof mounted heater or under heater) are available. We have developed our own refractory formation and installation methodology, and improve the thermal insulating properties. Particularly, we make a proposal of our S-MIC, fully electrified melting & holding furnace, as the newest melting furnace model.
S-MIC, our product name, means Sanken Melting, Immersion and Circulation.

Dosing Furnaces
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Heat Treatment Process / T2, T4, T5, T6 & T7 Heat Treatment Furnaces

Among of our various types of heat treatment furnaces, we have the newest one of Intelligent (ITG) waking beam T6 furnace design which has been developed for hear treatment for alloy motor wheels. This furnace can automatically transport wheels at a minimal beam traveling pitch, according to the different diameter, thus increasing the filling rate of wheels in the furnace chamber. The ITG design plus our own hot gas reciculation system allow us to shorten the furnace length, decreasing the entire furnace surface area by 25% (compared to our conventional design) and also decreasing the electric power consumption by 30% (ditto).
Also, we can offer conventional basket-loading or basketless roller hearth designs.
Image of Intelligent (ITG) waking beam T6 furnace

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IDEX, our product name, is an enhanced rotary kiln system which can dry machining chips wetted with coolant generating from the machining process of cast products, prior to melting. IDEX consists of a drying rotary kiln, an afterburner and a cyclone, and fume (white smoke) generating from the coolant during drying process is incinerated within the afterburner chamber, prior to exiting to the air. Coolant to be dried is a kind of flammable VOC (volatile organic compounds). Combustion heat of the VOC is utilized effectively as a part of the heat required for the IDEX drying system so that the IDEX can be an energy saving drying system.
IDEX system can be applied not only for machining chip drying, but also for decoating UBC, window frames, laminates, etc. Experiences, experiments and its analyses available from a lot of our IDEX references secure safety operation.
We purchased IDEX technology from UK as our asset, including patents, and it is now one of our own technologies.

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Tap-holeless Tapping System / KAMOGAWA

In stead of conventional tap-hole system, our Kamogawa is a tapping out system using screw pump technology.
Available tapping out speed and pumping head are 500 kg/min and 360 mm. Operator can tap out molten metal safely by pressing a pushbutton. It is designed to install in the existing open well of melting/holding furnaces. Also, it is easy to maintain screw and sleeve.

Screw pump
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